Parking in Old Sacramento

For anyone who has ever tried to park in Old Sacramento, you already know the stress, agony and occasional aneurism associated with this daunting task! Well, LOOKOUT! Players has a few tips that we hope will ease your pain.

Outside of metered street parking, Old Sacramento has four main parking areas. On a Friday or Saturday, the metered parking is a long shot and most metered spots have a 90 minute limit. We suggest you bite the bullet and park in one of the designated parking areas.

There are three garages and one lot that rarely fill to capacity. The garages have an hourly rate that changes depending on the day and if there are featured events, but you can expect to pay around $8-$10 for an evening of garage parking. The first garage is located on 2nd and I Street. This one is directly on the left when entering Old Sacramento on I Street. The second is on the corner of Capital (right as it turns into Tower Bridge) and Front Street. The third is located right outside of Old Sacramento on 3rd and I Street. If you want to park in a garage, we'd recommend one of the first two.

There is also an area called Lot W which is our personal favorite. When coming into Old Sacramento from I Street, right ahead of you will see the Railroad Museum. Instead of taking the left to go into Old Sacramento, take a right. Straight ahead there will be a small sign saying 'Lot W'. This area is a $5 flat fee for the day and is rarely filled. We hope that these suggestions help you with your parking dilemmas and make attending the Eagle Theatre an all-around enjoyable experience.

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